Duo PeleMele was formed in the pandemic summer of 2020 and had its release in August 2020 at the street art Festival „Gaukelei im Hof“ in Feldkirch, Austria.

It was also performed at the well known theatre venue „Spielboden Dornbirn“ in October 2020.

Lisa Suitner is a professional clown, musician (plays 7 instruments), director and circus artist. Since 10 years she lives of her art, and performs in numerous theatre and circus companies in all Europe. She studied circus theatre at the international school „CAU“ in Granada, Spain where she specialized on slack rope and partner acrobatics.

Florian Kalaivanan is a well booked circus artist and clown. He performed for internationally recognized venues as the „Bregenzer Festspiele“. He is a slack rope professional and a highly talented object manipulator.

The very different physicality of Lisa Suitner and Florian Kalaivanan makes them a very comic and interesting match.

„picobello“ is a hilarious and still poetic clown and circus act based on two very different characters with a mission. All they want to do is to wash their cloths and get neat again. It ends up in chaos that brings joy and laughter to an audience of all ages!

Madam Little and Mister Big are up for doing their Laundry. Right here, at the spot. Take off the cloths, take out the soap and start the cleansing magic. But that is not as easy as it may seem. What starts with a high sense of order ends up in total chaos. The laundry cloths flies through the air, the washboard transforms into a drum set and the clowns start to dance on the cloths line.

This poetic and hilarious circus theater show will bring joy and laughter to all audiences and is filled with clownish characters, object manipulation, soap bubbles, slack rope artistic, live music and lots of sense for nonsense.

duration: 45 min

this show can be performed indoor as well as outdoor!